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1. Rockface
2. Candy Raver
3. Contact-
4. Awoken
5. Wait
6. Young Dracula
7. Quickfire
8. Mike The Knight
9. Sinon
10. Keyboard Guy
1. Crouching Tiger
2. Racked
3. Basilisk
4. Erasmus
5. Mike The Knight
6. Electrum
7. -Slim Shady-
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1. Contact-
2. The LAD Bible
3. Waiting for a mate
4. Happy Teal
5. Erasmus
6. Young Dracula
7. Daaayum
8. Ryan Hall
9. Mike The Knight
10. Who does that
1. Candy Raver
2. Rockface
3. Contact-
4. Awoken
5. Wait
6. Young Dracula
7. Quickfire
8. Keyboard Guy
9. Hector Salamanca
10. Ghana
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